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Whether it is new or chronic pain we will work with you toward a solution

Pain Solutions is a medical clinic that works on different aspects of pain. When it comes to pain, this is our specialty. Our providers are experienced with chronic pain and transitional pain. We treat the whole patient. We are all about pain solutions.

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Formerly Clinical Pain Consultants, S.C.

Pain Solutions Pain and Psych, S.C.

Monday - Thursday 8:30-5

Are you facing surgery? Are you recovering from surgery? Are you living with chronic pain? We can help. Our providers listen to you and work with you toward your goals.

Circle of Care

We enjoy finding solutions for your pain and for living your best life in spite of chronic pain. Our innovative Circle of Care approach may include a variety of treatments. We are conservative and have a multi-modal approach. Here are some of the wide range of things we do.

Pharmacologic Pain Management

Referrals to Traditional & Non-Traditional Physical Therapy Techniques

Bracing and eStim Devices

Chronic Pain Management

Referrals for Minimally Invasive Procedures

Workshops and Patient Education

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To be considered as a new patient, we need a referral. Then we will call you to do a screening. From there information from your current and previous providers is obtained.

Medical Records

  • Imaging reports for CT Scan, MRI, or X-rays within 5 years
  • Surgery reports
  • Physical Therapy visit notes
  • Additional info as needed on case by case basis

Office Visit Notes

  • Referral from Primary Care Provider indicating diagnosis and reason for referral
  • THREE (3) most recent office visit notes from your Primary Care Provider
  • SIX (6) most recent office visit notes from your Pain Management Provider if you are or have been in pain management
  • Specialist visit notes may be requested on a case by case basis

You can request your providers release these records to us by fax: 414-800-6308. Generally a signature is required. If you wish to have us request your medical records on your behalf, we can provide a form for you to sign that would give us permission to do so. Once we have all the information from all the providers our clinical staff will review your file, and we will let you know the decision within a week.

Our Clinic Location

Offices at Mayfair
2500 N Mayfair Road, Ste 325
Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Phone: 414-800-5359
Fax: 414-800-6308

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